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Patrick M Kiel doing science

     Hi, my name is Patrick and I am passionate about coral reef ecosystems and the value they bring to coastal communities. As an interdisciplinary coral reef ecologist, I collaborate with ecologists, engineers, and physicists to leverage novel research techniques to better understand the biological and ecological processes of corals to aid in the conservation and restoration of coral reef ecosystems. My career is guided by my vision to ensure the beauty, economic and ecological significance, and scientific curiosity of coral reefs are ensured for generations to come.

     I am a PhD student at the University of Miami's Department of Marine Biology and Ecology studying under the direction of Dr. Vivek Prakash. I am broadly interested in coral reef ecology with prior research experience in physiological assessments of coral holobionts and mechanical analyses of corals for coastal resilience planning. During my graduate research, I will be investigating how the biophysics of corals confer divergent phenotypes valuable to the restoration of the species. Please explore this site to learn more about my research.

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