Patrick Kiel An Open Lab Notebook


Thank you for opening my open lab notebook!

In this open lab notebook, I seek to commit to open science through my data, methodology, and analyses. Inspired by Holly Putnam, I want this notebook to serve as an open-access repository of my thoughts and ideas. Notebook entries will outline the analysis I am conducting and link to resources, data, and Github repositories.

I hope this notebook not only documents and improves my own work, but advances the capabilities and knowledge of our scientific community. The layout of the notebook will be simple; each entry will be categorized and dated to facilitate archiving. This will allow easy jumping from related post to related post - effectively tracking my progress through time and topic. To access these archives, click the sidebar on the left and select which archive you'd like to view. My goal is to ensure this notebook allows myself and others following along to easily connect the threads of my work.

Notebook Entries

Mineral Accretion Technology Power Analysis

Statistical power analysis to determine the appropriate sample size for testing the efficiacy of mineral accretion technology to enhance coral growth rates. Open Notebook Entry →

Morphometrics from 3D Scans

Geometric complexity is the heart of coral reefs from ecosystem to organismal scales. Here, I provide an outline to apply morphometrics to 3D scans of coral fragments and relate the morphology to growth rates and ocen acidification sensitivity. Open Notebook Entry →

FTIR Analysis of Coral Skeletons

Review of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis techniques for quanitative comparisons of coral skeletal properties. Open Notebook Entry →